Daily Class Schedule

1:1 Mentoring (HOUSE)

A component of a Summit Learning environment that is an opportunity for teachers to connect with their students to work on academic and as well as non-academic goals. Teachers conduct weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions with their mentees. All students have a mentor who serves as their coach and advocate, supporting them as they develop strong habits and meet academic outcomes.


At many Summit Learning Schools, schedules are adjusted to give dedicated time for students to use the self-directed learning cycle to study Focus Areas.  During SDL, students move at their own pace to learn discipline-specific content and receive support from their teachers, mentor and peers.


  • Is a prolonged inquiry into an open-ended question(s) relevant to the discipline.
  • Aims to develop a set of cognitive skills through experiences authentic to the discipline.
  • Is aligned with key content from one or more focus areas.
  • Includes final product(s), checkpoints, activities, and resources.
  • Results in a final product(s) which demonstrates a student’s ability to apply their cognitive skills and deepen their understanding.

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