Student Dress Code/Personal Appearance

The Santa Fe South Schools Inc. Board of Education requires the wearing of student uniforms for all schools within the District in order to promote and to maintain an orderly and safe learning environment, to eliminate distractions while at school so as to increase the focus on instruction, to minimize socio-economic differences so that all students are treated equally, and to encourage and to promote professional and responsible dress for all students. In recognition of the right of students to express themselves in the manner of dress, students have the right to choose their own grooming and clothing styles subject to the requirements of this policy. This policy does not apply to sites where District provides educational services to students pursuant to a contract for extended educational services or to any other sites where District personnel are not in control of the operation of the facility.
Generally, students should regard neatness and cleanliness in grooming and clothing as important. Dress or grooming which is in any way disruptive to the operation of the school will not be permitted.
Principal, in conjunction with sponsors, coaches, or other persons in charge of extracurricular activities, may regulate dress and grooming of students who participate in a particular activity if the director reasonably believes that the student’s dress or grooming creates a hazard, or may prevent, interfere with, or adversely affect the purpose, direction, or effort required for the activity to achieve its goals. Principal may designate days for students to wear particular attire in recognition of school-wide events such as 89er Day, Spirit Day, etc. and may provide for days when the student uniform shall not apply.
No student shall be denied attendance at school or be otherwise penalized for failing to wear clothing that complies with the school uniform if such failure is due to financial hardship. Any student who may not be able to comply with the school’s uniform requirements should advise the director that obtaining the required uniform will present a financial burden. Each school site shall develop procedures and criteria to offer to assist students who would have or are having difficulty complying with their school’s uniform requirements due to financial hardships and shall develop a program to assist students in obtaining clothes which comply with the uniform.
Students who violate this policy may be subject to discipline in accordance with the District’s Student Code of Conduct. Students enrolling in SFSPMC for the first time during the school year shall be granted a grace period up to ten (10) school days before being required to comply with the required uniform.
The following guidelines apply to all students in District schools and apply to students while in attendance at school or school-sponsored events:
• Clothing worn to school shall not be torn, cut-up, or slit and must be appropriately sized for the student.
• Students shall not wear any clothing (including outerwear), jewelry, accessories, or display tattoos that contain messages or images that are obscene, vulgar, or related to tobacco, drugs, alcohol, sex, and/or violence.
• SFSPMC-approved pants, slacks, skirts, shorts, and skorts, in solid blue, black, and khaki.
• Pants, slacks, skirts, shorts, and skorts, shall not have ANY holes or rips in them. No cut-offs of any kind. No fringed or frayed clothing.
• Pants, slacks, skirts, shorts, and skorts shall be appropriately fastened at the waist. No sagging or “low rise” clothing is allowed.
• Leggings/Jeggings may be worn only as an accessory under skirts, or skorts that meet uniform requirements and may only be white, black, or blue.
• No sweatpants or sweatpants material.
• No Gym shorts.
• Hemlines must be of modest length defined as 3 inches above the knee.
• SFSPMC shirts with a collar, in gray, black, or white with SFSPMC and OCCC designs must be worn at all times.
• HOUSE shirts in green, purple, maroon, or blue with SFSPMC and OCCC designs can only be worn on designated House days.
• Undershirts must be solid black or white.  Hoodies cannot be worn under SFSPMC shirt.
• Shirts/blouses must be appropriately buttoned or zipped.
• Uniform shirts cannot be altered in anyway without permission from the Pathways administration.
• Students shall wear shoes and/or footwear at all times while on school property, and shoes with laces must be tied for safety.
• Students shall not wear open toe, flip-flops, beach, pool wear shoes, or house shoes.
• SFSPMC has approved sweatshirts (both zippered and pullover) in gray, black, and white with SFSPMC and OCCC designs.  Students are not allowed to wear any outer wear in the building besides the approved SFSPMC outerwear.
• Students may not wear caps, hats, or head coverings of any kind, including but not limited to, scarves, bandanas, and sweat bands inside a school building except for students with religious beliefs requiring a head covering, for medical reasons, or as approved by the school’s administration for a special school activity.
• Jewelry and accessories which pose a safety concern for the student or others are prohibited.
• If a student wears a belt, the belt must be worn in the belt loops of the clothing, and appropriately fastened with a plain belt buckle.

To order uniforms simply follow these steps.


  1.  Click on the link below
  2. Type in your HOUSE Name.
  3. Type in your password that you get from your HOUSE dean
  4. Click on the product you want and add them to your cart.
  5. When ready to check out click on “Proceed to checkout”
  6. Review your order.
  7. If your order is correct then click on “Proceed to checkout” again
  8. Click on edit under Delivery address.
  9. Fill out Delivery address information.  
    1. Address label should be students name
    2. Fill out the rest according to your delivery preferences.
  10. Repeat Process for Billing Address.
  11. In the comment box type in the students name and how many shirts you are ordering.
  12. Review your information to ensure accuracy.
  13. If your information is correct then click on “Proceed to checkout” again.
  14. Review order
  15. Type in credit card information.
  16. Click on “Submit order”
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