Pathways Uniform Store


To order uniforms simply follow these steps.

  1.  Click on the link below
  2. Type in your HOUSE Name.
  3. Type in your password that you get from your HOUSE dean
  4. Click on the product you want and add them to your cart.
  5. When ready to check out click on “Proceed to checkout”
  6. Review your order.
  7. If your order is correct then click on “Proceed to checkout” again
  8. Click on edit under Delivery address.
  9. Fill out Delivery address information.  
    1. Address label should be students name
    2. Fill out the rest according to your delivery preferences.
  10. Repeat Process for Billing Address.
  11. In the comment box type in the students name and how many shirts you are ordering.
  12. Review your information to ensure accuracy.
  13. If your information is correct then click on “Proceed to checkout” again.
  14. Review order
  15. Type in credit card information.
  16. Click on “Submit order”


The Uniform Store