Letting Go!

What do we do in a world of education, when we tell our students were to go and what to do every step of the day? We have students that are qualified for college, but are not prepared for college.  Our current educational environment dictates where students are supposed to go, when they are supposed to be there, and what they are to do when they are there.  This structure works great for teachers, but not for kids.

But when a kid “grows up”, they go to college.  In college, there are not porfessors standing in the hall making sure that are in class on time. There are not attendance clerks calling the house if you are absent from school.  There is not a professor, for the most part, hounding you to complete your homework so that you can be ready for the test.  You as a student must rely on one person to make sure that you are doing all these things.  That person is YOU!!!!!

How can we expect our students to be ready for this college environment, when the American traditional system doesn’t prepare them for it?  How can we PREPARE a student for college freedom?

These are not educational skills, but they are life skills.  They are soft skills.  Students don’t fail college, for the most part, because of the subject matter.  Students fail because they don’t know how to manage their situation.  They don’t know how to do something because they should vs because they been told to do so.  Students want to be successful in college.  THey don’t want to fail.  They will go to the library, but they don’t know what to do when they get there.  They have never practiced those skills and they don’t know how to fix it.

What are you going to do today to fix YOU?

“Everyone ends up somewhere, but few people ends up somewhere on purpose!”-  Craig Groeshel

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