Santa Fe South Pathways Middle College

Santa Fe South Pathways Middle College provides students the opportunity to receive a high school diploma and an Associates degree.

Middle College Designs enable more students, particularly low-income and minority students, to experience rigorous high school and college coursework that leads to improved outcomes. Middle college students are outperforming their peers nationwide:

· 90% graduate high school vs. 78% of students nationally
· 94% earn free college credit while in high school
· 30% earn an Associate’s degree or other postsecondary credential while in high school

Qualified students may start concurrent enrollment as early as the second semester of their sophomore year(if they qualify through the Board of Regents)

Qualified students may take up to 16 college hours per semester.

Students have access to college events and facilities including the theater, the gym, the library, college labs such as the Communications Lab, the Language Lab, the Math Lab, and the science labs (as part of their science courses).

Students follow a blended schedule consisting of Direct Instruction and Subject Lab time;

191 day school year;

Students are expected to complete 18 hours of community service each semester.

Students are eligible to participate in Santa Fe South athletics, clubs, and extracurricular activities;

Students complete the curriculum requirements for OHLAP;

Students are offered courses in Spanish,Chinese, Video Yearbook, Humanities, Philosophy, Women Studies, Ancient/Medieval History, Band, Choir, etc.

Small class sizes and a small faculty allow for increased interaction.

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