Diversified Studies

Often used to meet specific academic needs, especially for adult college students or returning college students, diversified studies at Oklahoma City Community College gives you the chance to create your own major.

So whether you need a degree program that targets a specific job promotion or you want to blend your areas of interest and talent into an associate degree just for you, diversified studies is your best community college degree option.

The diversified studies program, in fact, graduates the most college students each year from OCCC. The key is to create a plan, follow that plan and persist.

In fact, since this degree program is customized, it requires that a degree plan is written, approved and on file in the OCCC Records and Graduation Office.

Defining “Diversified Studies” at OCCC

While Oklahoma City Community College strives to meet the college degree needs in Oklahoma City and across the state, we cannot be all things to all students. That’s where OCCC’s diversified studies major comes into play.

  • If you have your eye on a four-year degree, but OCCC doesn’t offer an exact match as an associate degree, then you should major in diversified studies.
  • If you have specific needs dictated by either your employer or your own interests, then diversified studies is the best associate degree option for you.

If you’ve tried out several majors but are still are not satisfied or sure, then diversified studies is the best way to combine completed college courses into an associate degree plan that wraps things up and moves you forward.

Oklahoma City Community College also offers an associate degree in liberal studies. If you choose a diversified studies degree program, you’ll have much more flexibility in college class selection and acceptance. Liberal studies requires college courses from four different areas, and college classes that don’t fall into those areas don’t count toward the liberal studies degree program. However, with diversified studies, you can include many more kinds of classes in many more subject areas tailored for your degree plan.

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