Observing Teachers!

As a Principal, I get the opportunity to observe my teachers.  This is a dedicated time that is designed to go into the class room and see what they are doing and compare them to our TLE (Teacher and Leader Effectiveness) Rubric.  Once I watch the teachers do “their thing”,  then teacher and I will sit down and discuss areas of effectiveness and areas of growth.  This is required by law.

I want all to know that this is the most enjoyable part of my job.  I love watching wonderful teachers do what they do.  I loved teaching the kids.  I really didn’t care what subject I was teaching, but I love teaching the kids.  For this I am honored to work with a groups of teachers that are AMAZING at their craft.  Here are some things that I have witnessed in my observations this round:

  • I saw students who HATE math engaged and asking questions
  • I saw students working in groups, using QUIZLET, to review Rebellions and Revolutions history.  No offense to the history teachers I had in school, but you guys need to learn from this second year teacher.
  • I saw students, working in groups, learning how to use the OXFORD comma. I hope that I used them correctly in this blog.
  • I watch students do research on their Chromebooks for learning and understanding.
  • I saw students asking questions if they didn’t know the who, what, when, where, or how.  I also saw the same student get frustrated and show perseverance when the teacher wouldn’t just give them the answer.
  • I saw the “Light Bulb” moments when a student got help from another student and finally understand the math concept.

I could go on and on.  But I want to point out, if you haven’t noticed, that everything I saw was “I saw students” doing something.  THIS is a sign of a good teacher.  Students doing the job of learning.


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