Winning the Lottery

Today the main topic of discussion around the school  was, “What I would do if I won the lottery is:”  This made me do some self reflection on what I would do if I won over $700 million dollars.

The latest winner of the lottery said the first thing she wants to do is, sit back and relax.  I can relate to that.   However, I would have to stay busy with something meaningful.  I know that I would go find a 1964 GTO and start rebuilding it with my father.  I would build a state of the art kitchen and cook all the foods that I can’t afford to cook now. However, I would struggle with doing this for long.  I would have to do something meaningful.

I would go back to school and get my Doctorate in something.  I have found that I truly like to learn.  I, however, would need to be able to apply that knowledge.  Would I continue being a Principal?  I don’t know.  Would I teach anymore?  I don’t know.

Here is what I do know:

I love working with kids and helping them meet their maximum potential.  I love seeing them learn and achieving things that they didn’t think were possible.  I love it when they struggle through something and come out of the back end of it a stronger, more powerful young adult. I love how they keep us young and keep us honest.

The winner of the lottery called her boss this morning and told him that she wouldn’t be coming back to work.  Would I quit my job?

I will answer that with:  I don’t believe I could separate from something that I love to do.  The only way I would know that is if I actually won the lottery.  To do that I would have but a ticket.


Mr. McAdoo

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