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Principal HeaderDear Parent / Guardian:

Although the school year isn’t over, we are already looking ahead to next year. At Santa Fe South Pathways Middle College, we are committed to providing an innovative, seamless, and quality education for high potential, motivated students, grades 9-12, and graduate them from high school while successfully completed an Associate Degree. To achieve this vision, we have been exploring additional instructional approaches to foster students’ achievement and growth.

This summer, a team of teachers will attend a professional development workshop to strengthen their ability to offer high-quality project-based learning and individualized mentoring to students.

When students learn through projects, they have the opportunity to apply what they have learned to real-world situations and develop the skills they need for success in college and beyond. Teachers at Santa Fe South Pathways Middle College we have embraced project-based learning. An example of project-based learning would be to have a project that asks the following; how does human activity impact our environment?  How can humans reverse the damage they do to the environment? We hope the training will allow us to integrate this approach more thoroughly into our curriculum.

In addition, teachers will explore how to enhance our existing HOUSE mentoring program at Santa Fe South Pathways Middle College that will enable us to set aside specific dedicated time for our teachers to mentor students. We know that no two students are alike, and we want to provide individualized support to meet each student’s needs. At many schools, teacher mentors meet with students regularly to discuss their performance and help them set goals for the future. Mentors/Deans get to know their students and can advocate for them inside and outside of the classroom. We are excited by this change and we look forward to the continued development of our relationship with your student.

I look forward to sharing more about this work and additional changes at Santa Fe South Pathways Middle College before the start of the school year. In the meantime, I want to wish all families a safe and relaxing summer.



Christopher D. McAdoo M.Ed.L.

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