STP MEETING 08/15/2018 – Notes

Meeting called to order:

  • 6:35 pm


  • Mr. McAdoo greeted the parents and welcomed all students, teachers, and parents.
  • Parents are encouraged to sign in on the sign in sheet.
  • Mr. McAdoo introduced Shannon Hughes as the President of the STP.

Fundraisers: Shannon Hughes

  • STP has 2 big fundraisers for the year.
    • Cords of Steel in the fall.  STP makes $10 for every cord sold.
    • Buckets for Benefits (detergent)- switching companies.  STP makes $15 per item
    • STP will participate in Silent Auction in December.
    • Looking into other possible fundraisers
    • Mr. McAdoo talked about closing the STP checking account and moving all moneys to account 990 under the SFS district accounts.
      • Moving money will allow for more oversight of funds.
      • Better control of intake of money that goes into the account.
      • Allow the STP to easily access the money through district Purchase Order System.
    • Mr. McAdoo explained that the membership fees for STP are $5 per person.  These fees allow each member to have voting privileges.  All members, except board members, are required to pay their $5 fee before they can have a vote.
    • STP will be handling the AFTER PROM for the Pathways students

Board Elections: Mr. McAdoo

  • Three seats have been vacated because of transfers and graduation.  Held nominations for Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • New Officers are:
    • Vice President: Markita Britton
    • Secretary: Rosa Lopez
    • Treasurer: Irma Valezuela

Summit Learning: Mr. McAdoo

  • With the new Summit learning system for curriculum, Mr. McAdoo presented and overview of the Platform and answered concerns about the platform.
  • After presentation, general questions were answered and Mr. McAdoo informed all partied that if they have any questions they are free to come see how it all works.

Opened floor for questions: Mr. McAdoo

  • No concerns were presented

Meeting adjourned:

  • 7:30 pm




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