Teacher:  Klasek                              Class: 10th grade World Literature

Focus Areas Due this week: Essay Structure 10 due September 18, 2018

Current Project: The Power of Persuasion due September 19, 2018


Finish Checkpoint 2: Critiquing the Reasoning of Others


Begin Checkpoint 3: Timed Writing Outline


Review Analyzing and Critiquing of articles in debate teams; apply conversations to the outline



Complete an essay critiquing one of the argumentative texts you read. Be sure to cite textual evidence in your writing, adding explanation and analysis of each of your examples. Use the teacher model if you need help. You will be given feedback on Development and Critiquing the Reasoning of Others.


Pre-ACT for all sophomores

FOCUS AREAS THAT SHOULD BE COMPLETE:(Please check with your student)

CHARACTERIZATION 10 due August 1, 2018

PLOT DEVICES 10 due August 3, 2018

KNOWLEDGE OF WORDS 10 due August  22, 2018

AUDIENCE AND PURPOSE 10 September 12, 2018

PROJECTS THAT SHOULD BE COMPLETE::(Please check with your student)

DYSTOPIAN PROJECT due August 17, 2018

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