THIS WEEK IN ENGLISH 10 – 09/24/2018

Teacher:  Klasek                              Class: 10th grade World Literature

Focus Areas Due this week: Sentence Patterns due September 28, 2018

Current Project: The Power of Persuasion due September 26, 2018


Start Checkpoint 3: Timed Writing Outline


Finish Checkpoint 3: Timed Writing Outline

Wednesday –



Start Checkpoint 4: Debate Prep & Practice

What is the focus of this checkpoint?

Argumentative Claim
Students generate argumentative claims and subclaims, presenting them clearly in their Debate Prep in advance of their Final Debates.
Explanation of Evidence
Students analyze and defend how evidence proves their claims and subclaims.
Discussion / Contribution
Students practicing contributing original ideas by rehearsing their Debates in advance and receiving feedback from teammates.
Students prepare arguments and evidence in advance of the Debate and practice drawing on their preparations by rehearsing and receiving feedback from their teammates.


SDL – Complete at least one Focus Area.

FOCUS AREAS THAT SHOULD BE COMPLETE:(Please check with your student)

CHARACTERIZATION 10 due August 1, 2018

PLOT DEVICES 10 due August 3, 2018

KNOWLEDGE OF WORDS 10 due August  22, 2018

AUDIENCE AND PURPOSE 10 September 12, 2018

MLA STYLE 1- due September 21, 2018

PROJECTS THAT SHOULD BE COMPLETE::(Please check with your student)

DYSTOPIAN PROJECT due August 17, 2018

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