2020 Graduation -Important information

June 9, 2020

Dear Class of 2020 and Parents:

In 9 short days, on June 18th, you will finally get to walk the stage!!

Here are a few VERY important details, please read very carefully and contact Dr. Klasek if you have any questions!

  1.  Each graduate is limited to 8 cars. 
    • The car that holds the senior needs to park in rows 1-3.  Please plan to arrive between 6:45 and 7. 
    • All other guests should arrive after 7:00 p.m. 
    • Graduation will start promptly at 8:30 pm.
  2. In the parking lot, there are YELLOW poles, RED poles, and SILVER poles.  Red and Yellow poles are for trucks and SUV’s.  Silver poles are for cars.
  3. You MUST remain in your car until directed to do otherwise.  We are still practicing Social Distancing.
  4. Masks are recommended for seniors but are not required.
  5. No glitter, streamers, or confetti as we will be charged a clean-up fee by the theater that we will pass along to you.
  6. Please ask your guests to be respectful of other graduates and avoid honking your car horn or using air horns. 
  7. We will not have tables for your parents to decorate.  However, you are welcome to decorate your car and your family’s cars.
  8. No outside food or drinks are allowed in the venue.
  9. No alcohol, tobacco, vaping, or firearms are allowed.
  10.  Please plan to leave immediately after the ceremony as we are following the guidelines provided us by the CDC and the State Department of Education.
  11. Bathrooms are available at the venue.
  12.  You may NOT decorate your hat! 

As per CDC and SDE guidelines, we cannot have a practice, so here’s what you will do for your actual graduation: 

Mr. McAdoo will ask all the seniors to come to the stage. 

  • You will line up in alphabetical order by last name to the right of the stage along the short white wall. 
  • Please maintain a six-foot distance. 
  • Once we call your name, you will walk across the stage to Mr. McAdoo. 
  • There will be no handshake. 
  • Take hold of one corner of the diploma cover; turn to face the photographer; smile. 
  • Then leave the stage. 
  • Mrs. Seabourn and the House Deans will be waiting to give you a small present from us. 
  • Please return to your car and enjoy the rest of your night!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Klasek ASAP!!

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