Message from the Principal:

Habits of Success

social and emotional behaviors and mindsets — such as resilience, social awareness, a sense of belonging — that support a student’s academic achievement and non-academic well-being.

The statement above is our goal for all students. Given that, we need compelling answers to some difficult questions:

  • Why is it that some students with seemingly every advantage still struggle with school?
  • What allows students who face significant hurdles (such as poverty) to outperform other students who are seemingly better prepared? 
  • How does a child’s attachments to community affect achievement? 

Summit Learning has worked to answer these questions because we want to know “What allows individuals to succeed in school, career, and life?” Terms like “grit”, “motivation”, and “socio-emotional skills” are too vague to provide a meaningful explanation. However, the 16 Habits of Success developed by Dr. Brooke Stafford-Brizard for Turnaround for Children (2016) integrates decades of research to provide a clear framework to help educators understand how to develop these key life skills in students.

We believe that students develop Habits of Success within the communal, relational context of a classroom because “within the social context of a classroom through a set of key relationships a student develops with teachers, peers, and other adults” (Stafford-Brizard, 2016). In addition, the Habits of Success framework was designed with an understanding that foundational skills are prerequisites for higher-order skills; skill building happens on a developmental pathway that integrates cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

Summit Learning is designed to foster those relationships and provide opportunities for students to have one-on-one conversations to build their Habits of Success.

We believe that parents can help reinforce the Habits of Success framework, by knowing and understanding what the Habits of Success actually are. We have attached a copy of the Habits of Success Terms and definitions for you to read and discuss with your student.

We look forward to helping your student grow and develop into the amazing person that are destined to become.

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