“Where I am from”

I am from the old man that farms for a living and the tears that are shed to keep the motivation living.

I am from the weeds that are picked and the soil that is dug,

To the sun burns and dark colored skin that is given from the one up above.

I am from the woman who is told how to dress and the distress of when we’ll eat next.

I am from the womb of a woman who is stronger than mankind and the man who is weaker than his

own mind.

I am from the ones who have lost everything but still managed to give me everything.

I am from the man that has had nothing but has provided me with anything.

To the trials and tribulations to the days of reliving pain.

I am from the eyes of success to the troubled paths of ungratefulness.

I am from the men and women that put no stress on my progress,

To the sweat and stress my old man gets.

I am the blessing of people who never thought they would be alive.

I am the heart of souls who didn’t make it out alive.

I am the one with a dream and with words that stay unspoken with my head up high I remain unbroken.

By Ivet Robles

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