A heartbeat

Fawn being born

Ring the bells of dawn, across the horizon

It’s the start of reality

As a youngling stotting through the lush hybrid grass

Endless races

Hide-and-Seek being the best

Luring us to new adventures

Now we make sure to make a fuss

Even when the sun is still not up

Growing up

Overwhelming, stressed out

Night hits once again

The pages turning, cold winds

Too cold to stay warm

When I wished to grow up

My little shadow

Where did you go

What happened to the good old days

You entered the war zone

You will be shot with words that could kill

You are fine the way you are

Wear the uniform with loftiness

Trying to appear “normal”

Hoping it’s eternal

No confidence, no self-esteem

Fell into a hopelessness

Stress is like falling

Don’t hit the ground

Soon It will be all over

Known the tears it takes

The courage to stand up again

A Foe

Timid, feisty

Different at least to me, see

To list a billion things

You find me in the night

Bringing the light

Wanted to say

Thank You

A hind

A heart of gold

As a role model, setting the bars high

Doe of hundreds

I will strive to be like you

Independent and Strong

Friends are near

Which one can scarcely see

Never fear

We have cried an ocean of tears

So empty as holding many fears

Buck, is in a good place

Watching with a smile on his face

Till this day, you have played a special part in my life

A heartbeat still beating

Seeing the fawn become undefeated

Closing my eyes, goodbye to all my fears

Taking away the complete loneliness

And giving back all the happiness

A field

With flowers throughout this field

There will always be that one weed or cloud

Standing in your way

Of happiness

by Joselyn Romo

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