The Alluded Holiness

It is hard to find an angel in a world where you are hellbound

You will see true friends from fake ones because they will not pull you down like hellhounds

The angel’s in the world don’t care about your looks or if you add some more pounds

But demons do care, to make sure they keep their imaginary crowns

I remember the time I thought I had found an angel that fell from the sky

But the serpent tricked me into biting an apple that filled me up with such a lie

Betrayed by a kiss she told me that I was the one and she would never leave

by being betrayed she left me for innocent souls and left me in the belly of a beast

Three days and Three nights I asked for forgiveness but was left in agony 

She left me for a close friend

 Judas who put knives in the back of me

I remember crying for 40 days and 40 nights 

I cried out all the pain

Because I had to turn the other cheek and try to keep myself sane

I was once Solomon who wanted to help the needy

I am now the good Samaritan trying to live my life for the needy

 I wish that on no one 

to be betrayed for only 30 pieces of silver HA it sucks

But when dealing with heaven and hell

One has to rely on luck…

–Izreal Asuega

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