Did you think I was an island?

(About Obed Martinez and his faith)

did you think I was an island

big enough for a simple vacation

I am the ocean surrounding it

the one you fear

but always turn to

there are no ships here

no boardwalks or fish

but there are waves

waves that make islands shake

I am a voice for him

I am not crazy I am logical

convincing enough to convert

the most stubborn people

I am not a dying scream

I am a voice of reason

I’d prove you wrong and you still

couldn’t take your eyes off of me

because I’d look amazing doing it

you’d get flushed

my beliefs aren’t trash they are treasure

my beliefs are not the whiskey you want

but the water you need

don’t come here with any doubts

and try to make a fool of my beliefs

— Joel Ponce

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