Pathways Middle College Schedule from 11/30/20 through 12/18/20

Dear Parents and Students,

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic Pathways will be adjusting how we are doing school.

Pathways Middle College students will be required to follow their traditional daily schedule from 8 am to 3:05 pm daily. All classes will be held via ZOOM. Students will be required to be online, in uniform and at a table or desk at all times during school hours.

Because of the COVID restrictions we will have only 15% of our students on the campus at any given time. Your student will be notified by their HOUSE Dean and from the school notification system if they are required to be in the building. Students that are considerably behind in their coursework will be required to be present in the building for educational support.

If you are not required to be on campus but need internet, the campus will be open for your use.

Please work with us to ensure that your students completes ALL of their required school work before December 18, 2020.

Stay tuned for any updates or changes to this plan during these difficult times.

Thank You,

Pathways Administration.

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