Sapientia Community Service 2022-2023

To earn community service hours:

Find a supervising adult who can verify the completion of the community service activity. This is someone in a position of authority who is familiar with the student’s community service work.

  1. Provide the supervising adult with this community service form and ask them to fill it out. Make sure to give them any necessary information, such as the student’s name, the name of the organization where the service was performed, the date and duration of the service, and a description of the service activity.
  2. Remind the supervising adult to sign the form and provide any contact information that may be required.
  3. Once the form is completed, ask the supervising adult to submit the form. It will be sent to your HOUSE dean, as directed by the school’s community service policy.
  4. Follow up with the HOUSE dean to ensure that the form has been received and that the community service credit has been applied to the student’s record.

It’s always a good idea to be proactive and start this process early, so that there is plenty of time to complete the community service and have the form filled out and returned before any deadlines. Good luck!

Community Service Form

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