I’m here!

I am at a conference and I am learning about BLOGGING.  To be honest, I feel inadequate about my writing skills.  I am nervous about my dyslexia and how it you as a reader will look at me if I write something that doesn’t make sense.  But here I am!!!!  I am putting myself out there to get this started.   I want  to start a blog for the school to learn about you and so you can learn about me and my staff.

I think that we can use this platform to grow as a school and to grow as individuals.  I invite you to chime in!  to put yourself out there.  To get out of your comfort zone.  I know that I am completely out of my comfort zone by writing to you not as a principal, but as a person.  Thank You for ready this!

Remember:  We can choose our actions, but we cannot choose our consequences.

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