Love Does Work!

I woke up this morning thinking about things that I need to do for work.  I was thinking about TLE observations of my teachers, the State reporting that has to be completed, and the Bullying presentation that I have to build for the school.  Then I got out of bed and got ready for church.  I went to chruch reflecting on the positive message that Todd Whitaker talked about at the #WGEDD conference the last two days. I got my coffee and sat down in my usual chair, music started, and the preacher introduce the guest speaker, Bob Goff.

Bob is probably the most infectiously positive person I have ever had the privelidge of listening to.  He had a simple message: Love Does.  Love Does work.  He talked about story after story of examples of sadness, hope, laughter, and how to make it through it through life.  All stories revolved around Love Does…  I am going to buy his book do I get more details.

I believe that I can be a better administrator, person, husband and father by combining the thoughts of two men, both Todd and Bob, and use them daily in my personal and professional life.  So when I have to make the hard decisions, hold a teacher or student accountable,  or just saying hello.  I have to remember.  Love Does……

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