District Instrumental Solo & Ensemble Contest Results

Here are the results for the students of Pathways at the District Sole/Ensemble Contest.

Superior rating:

Orlando Paramo –Flute Solo

Andrea Para –Clarinet Solo

Liliana Santillan –Clarinet Solo

Flute Quartet

-Orlando Paramo, Alex Ortega, Cristina Vargas, Angela Gonzalez

Clarinet Trio

-Andrea Para, Liliana Santillan, Juan Quintero

Brass Quartet

-Johnny Enriquez, Andrea Dela Torre, Shaughan Vaughan, Josue Ponce

Excellent Rating:

Angela Gonzalez – Flute Solo

Juan Quintero – Bass clarinet solo

Andrea Dela Torre – Trumpet Solo

Shaughan Vaughan – Trumpet Solo

Josue Ponce – Tuba Solo

Percussion Quartet

-Emily Aguerro, Patience Allen, Cambden Moses, Adrian Razzo

Special Thanks to Mrs. Stalling for your hard work with these students as well

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