Spring Break!

What to do during Spring Break.  As a principal I get the privilege of having spring break off with my family.  I have  an amazing wife and four wonderful daughters that are all off this week and we get to spend some much needed time together.  This is last break before the “stretch”.  The “stretch” is the last two months of school filled with; Senioritis, high stakes testing, prom, graduation, etc.  Its that time of year that is stressful and exhilarating at the same time.  So I challenge all  that read this, spend time enjoying your time off.  Go to the park.  Rent a movie together. Cook together.

I say this because you only have 13 of these while your children are in k-12 schools.  Time flies, whether your having fun or not.  So why not have some fun?

So what do we do for spring break.  Not a blog!  See you on Monday when we all get back.  Be ready to finish the “stretch!”


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