CORRECTION: December STP Meeting 12/5/2019 @ 6pm

Why come to a STP Meeting?
Because you want to make a
difference in your student’s life!

We will be having our monthly
meeting this coming Thursday,

December 5th at 6 pm in
room 3L6

We will be giving away gasoline gift cards to the parents
We will also be giving out gift cards to students

Coffee – Hot Cocoa – Cookies


December Agenda Includes:

  • Set committees to help
    • Students, teachers and other parents
      1) School work at home (bilingual)
      2) Home situations – be partners with parents (bilingual)
      3) Job – do they really need to work?
  • Find community resources
    • For Seniors – graduation, college, scholarships
    • For parents – find bilingual people to help
    • For Teachers – plan, set up, clean up, etc….\
    • For all other students – donations for school supplies (paper,pencils, pens, electrical sharpeners, headphones, etc…

Educate parents/students in regards to Concurrent Enrollment and
how it works.


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