Important: 2020-2021 Student Registration

2020-2021 Student Registration

Santa Fe South Schools

All students currently attending a Santa Fe South School must complete the “Intent to Return” online forms. Any student planning on returning to Santa Fe South Schools for 2020-2021 must also complete all Returning Student Registration. To access the online registration information, please follow the instructions on your Registration Notification email or click the following link: 

English URL:

Spanish URL: 

New Applicants that have accepted their offered seat and have received their Registration Notification email may also use these links to complete their online registration.  Completion of this Registration Form must be completed within 10 business days from the date of Registration Notification email.  Failure to meet this deadline will result in being placed back onto the Waitlist. (Declining an offered seat may result in removal of the application from the lottery)

For assistance with the online registration process, please come to the Santa Fe South Administration Building, 4825 S. Shields Blvd.

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