Broken Record

Staring up at the midnight sky being so alone, you burst apart, pouring all your feelings to the floor. Struggling to settle down but there’s no avoiding, all feels unreal… the thought of wanting something. The broken record reiterating once again. Ripping apart all to have it, driving you insane. To ruin the beauty that once was there for your own pleasure. It’s like no matter how much you have, you need more… struggling for the affection that is no longer there. How greedy can you be? It’s what I say, wishing I wasn’t there.

  Problems consuming my flesh, struggle to prevent further from entering, yet I’m too late. Blaming all the world for the problems, how could I excuse myself? You’re looking lovely as ever while I bottle up, silly me. It’s in the past, feeling the desire to let go yet can’t. The darkroom gradually becomes gloomier than usual, losing track of time. Receiving my last breath gradually, leaving once and for all. Oh, wait, it’s you again needing to visit me in misery; resting in the room’s corner demanding more of the hate. Too late once again.

—Heidy Ortiz

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