Free Dress Days

Santa Fe South has reason for great pride in the appearance of its student body. It is in the
best interest of all concerned that such pride should be maintained, especially on Free Dress
days, which are not often offered. It is hoped that parents and students will use mature
judgment and good taste in complying with these minimal restrictions.

Grooming and dress at Santa Fe South Schools must not constitute a distraction or interfere
with the educational opportunities of students.

  1. All students will be fully clothed, clean and well groomed. Must fit the length requirements of the traditional dress code.
  2. All students shall wear footwear at all times.
  3. Headgear, such as hats, caps, bandanas, sunglasses and stocking caps, are not to be
    worn at school.
  4. No halter tops, bare midriffs, off-the-shoulder tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, backless
    or partial backless garments, tank tops, torn jeans, exposed underwear, outer garments that look
    like underwear, muscle shirts and mesh shirts without a T-shirt underneath.
  5. Apparel that is too tight, too loose, too sheer, too short or too revealing, including tops,
    mini-skirts, short shorts, skirts with slits, and low-cut clothes, including attire that exposes
    the chest or breasts, is prohibited.
  6. Apparel or accessories with offensive or suggestive slogans or logos that pertain to
    immorality, vulgarity, obscenity, nudity, or promotion of violence and/or gang or cult
    activity are prohibited.
  7. Bike or animal chains, collars or spikes are prohibited.
  8. Students may not wear clothing or accessories that display symbols, pictures, lettering
    or numbering that is profane, vulgar, repulsive or obscene or that advertises or promotes
    dangerous weapons, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, low-point beer, illegal chemical
    substances, drug related items, drug paraphernalia or other items or activities that are
    illegal for the general population or for minors.

Where a bona fide religious belief or health need of a student conflicts with the school dress
code, reasonable accommodation shall be provided. Any student desiring accommodation shall
notify the school principal in writing of the requested accommodation and the factual basis for
the request.

Any variation to the above dress code will be subject to the approval of the principal.

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