Students in Good/Poor Standing

Defined as:

  1. Passing all classes.
  2. No excessive absences in any class which would cause the student to receive no credit
    (NC) in that class.
  3. No Out of School Suspensions.
  4. No more than three days in-school suspension (ISS) in a semester.
    Students not in good academic standing might not be allowed to attend field trips or participate
    in athletic or co-curricular contests. This includes all performance classes which participate in
    any Oklahoma Secondary School Athletics Association (OSSAA) contest.
GRADESStudent has a Semester GPA less than 3.0 or an grade of an “F”Student has a Semester GPA of at least 3.0 with nothing less than a “B”Student has a Semester GPA of at least 3.5 with nothing less than a “B”
Every 3
tardies will
count as 1
● Multiple referrals
● Repeated violations
of the same offense
● Any suspension
One time minor
No referrals

5-6 Points Student in Good Standing (SIG)
4 Points Neutral (No rewards, no consequences)-
0-3 Points Student in Poor Standing (SIP)

Students in Poor Standing
Defined as:

  1. Failing any class, even Academy/TEAMs
  2. Excessive absences in any class
  3. Any suspension.
First Semester SIPSSecond Semester SIPS
Probation; must attend SAT day to make up
zeros or to work on campus. Failure to attend
will require a parent conference before the
student is allowed to return to school. The
conference will require a contract to be
signed by a parent and the student stating
any further failure to attend a required day will
cause the student to lose enrollment
guarantee for the next school year.
● Loss of enrollment guarantee (placed
in lottery)
● If re-enrolled, strict probation status
● Parent Involvement Contract
● Student progress requirement to SIGs

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