Our day at the ZOO

Here are the plans for the zoo:

  • ALL students report to OCCC by 8 am on 5/25/21
  • We will will have TWO buses to take students to the ZOO
  • Each bus will have a TEACHER sponsor on it.
  • We should be able to get 70 students on each bus. Approximately 140 students.
  • The remaining students 54 students:
    • Ride with teacher in their personal cars to and from the ZOO
    • Drive their own personal car to and from the ZOO.
      • Students who drive must have parent give permission to HOUSE DEAN over phone.
      • Student will only be able to drive themselves and immediate family members to the zoo.
  • We will leave to go to ZOO at 8:30.
  • We will leave the ZOO at 2:00pm to return to OCCC.
  • We are providing sack lunches for the students. If they want to eat at ZOO they will need to bring money.
  • If parent has any questions, please call the office in the morning at 405-682-7840.

Dress Code:

  • Outdoor -Ed HOUSE shirts
  • Shorts(must be at least fingertip length), leggings, and sweatpants are allowed.
  • Hats are allowed
  • Please wear tennis shoes. You will be walking all day.

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