Becoming Me

Knowing your past,

the recipe for making the future self.

To feeling that soft brush for your paint,

the hundreds of colors that the eye can see.

To that touch changing your entire career,

or to the words that tickle your ears.

Feeling the concrete below your naked feet,

each little bump reminding you of a memory.

visiting grandma and that foul smell,

yet it brings so much comfort.

Memories hang like photos in the mind,

the bad that tugs at your heart

to the ones that make you fuzzy and warm

that ranch where you hear those neighs of horses,

feeling the pinch of thorns across the desert

Hearing the laughter of your family,

the gasps when you fell off of your horse.

To the birthday parties for yourself,

all the cabbage patch kid dolls

to the $20 you get from distant members.

On the 8th birthday getting markers,

and you drew all over the garage and doors

Being a dentist- your priority career

to help mom pay her bills when you are grown

thanks to those drawings around the house

becoming an artist isn’t a bad idea

Drawing on the tough old doors

getting a splinter or two

You felt joy making art

now always getting art supplies on your birthday

It’s 2017 and you find a drawing app

fingers touch the broken screen glass

and squeaks from pushing too hard

Two years later you started an Instagram account

oh how you wanted to be famous for your art

Not having many followers made you pretty sad

but you got your art improving

and you found animation by other people

the emotion of happiness seeing the smooth movements

By your sophomore year you were sure of one thing

to sit in a chair and make your characters come to life

the pen moving around on the fragile glass

the happier you will be

So you made it official

to study and make yourself a true animator

To keep drawing on paper to make your art better

breaking lead and graphite all over your hand

Becoming your true self

giggling and trying your best!

And who is you?

who is us?

Galilea Salazar

the future animator

by Galilea Salazar

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